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The Digital Process

  For me a digital camera is another tool to make pictures. The photographer is simply selecting the right tool to produce a specific image, much in the same way a mechanic chooses a certain screwdriver or wrench to perform an exact kind of auto adjustment. Equipment and materials must serve the vision of the artist, not the other way around.
  Nikon D3 Camera Nikon D3 Camera
  Exposure (or digital capture) begins with the Nikon D3, perhaps the most sophisticated camera on the market today. This camera is capable of capturing a 12.1-megapixel FX-format digital file which provides image resolution similar to film. With continuous shooting at up to 9 frames per second, this camera offers shooting speeds for fast-action photography with Extreme Low-noise ISO range with Advanced Noise Reduction for low-light situations. I shoot in the camera’s RAW format which avoids adjustments to my images (compression) by the camera.

I use a complement of Nikkor lenses from Nikon that include focal lengths from 12mm to 400mm. All lenses are Nikkor DX AF-S VR (Vibration Reduction) series lenses that are designed using special optical technologies such as Ultra-low Dispersion UD glass, Super Low Dispersion glass, Fluorite elements, and Aspherical elements to truly push the optical envelope.

  Digital images are processed in a computer and made ready to print. I use a Powerspec PC computer loaded with 4GB memory and fast Core 2 Quad processors. After downloading the photographs from Lexmark compact flash cards, the images are then edited using Bridge made by Adobe Systems which provides a way to determine the best images to print. Once an image is chosen, it is processed using Camera Raw, a component (plug-in) of Adobe Photoshop CS3 that allows for the conversion of the RAW file to a working file. In Camera Raw, the image is adjusted for exposure, white balance, contrast and colour. Once these have been determined, the image opens in Adobe Photoshop CS3 for removal of dust spots and for final adjustments; then the image is saved.
  All images are processed at H&H Color Lab, an incredible leader in Photographic Digital Lab Services.

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